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When you see Matera with the eyes of heart

At the first telephone contact it had seemed one of the many requests for availability that I receive daily. “Some friends who had you as a guide arecommended us to call you, we would like to have you as a guide in Matera for a full day. We are 3 friends from different cities of Read more about When you see Matera with the eyes of heart[…]

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They talk about you…

Before tour guide was my full day job,  I practiced journalism for years. They are two professions that have so much in common: in the first case we write, in the other we speak but the goal is the same, to communicate. And the fuel that feeds them is the same: passion. And let’s say Read more about They talk about you…[…]

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Little tourists grow up…

I often give tours to families with small children, sometimes even just a few months old. In those cases my work becomes more complicated and more challenging to: it is not easy to keep the attention for several hours or at least keep the liveliness of the little ones. I have to say, however, that Read more about Little tourists grow up…[…]