The taste of Matera

Bread, wine and olive oil.

You can live a place in full also enjoying its smells and flavors: the IGP bread and primitivo DOC wine, cardoncelli mushrooms and the maiatica oil, cruschi peppers and podolico caciocavallo tell the millenial history of the territory of Matera. With the pastures of the Murgia, the golden sea of wheat fields, vineyards and olive groves. A spectacle of nature that men over the centuries have been able to skillfully transform by hard work in an immense gastronomic heritage, now also available to anyone who visit Matera and surroundings.

Not only taste, but also see and literally … put your hands in the dough. First stop for a workshop of IGP Matera’s bread at the bakery Il Forno di Gennaro by Perrone family, followed by a tasting of several salty and sweet baked products; then the visit the Moom (Matera olive oil Museum) an old oil mill in a cave of the ‘600, with a final tasting of extra virgin olive oil produced in the oil mill San Francesco by the Montemurro family; and finally a stop at Botttega Lucano to know the old story and have a taste of Amaro Lucano, the herbal digestive liqueur invented in 1894 by mister Pasquale Vena and now well known all over the world.

Il Forno di Gennaro

Il Forno di Gennaro by Patrizia and Sabrina Perrone is a bakery created by their father (Gennaro, in fact) in 1960, by the fourth generation of bakers because their great-grandfather and grandfather ran a furnace in the Sassi.

MooM, Matera Olive Oil Museum

Housed in a large hypogeum dating back to the fifteenth-sixteenth century, expertly restored by the Montemurro family, the museum allows you to discover how they produced oil in ancient times, capturing the various phases through the original tools used at the time: from the stone mill to the wooden presses to the wells for decanting and storage.

Bottega Lucano

An immersive and multi-sensory journey through the colours, scents and history of the Amaro Lucano, iconic product of Basilicata, of which it perfectly represents the territory and its people, honest and industrious, ingenious and cultured, discreet and welcoming, just like Cavalier Pasquale Vena who in 1894 started this fantastic adventure. 

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Sassi of Matera

2 h • Walking Tour

Discovering the ancient tuffa districts.

Ipogei di Piazza Vittorio Veneto

Historic Center of Matera

2 h • Walking Tour

Getting lost among squares and alleys.

Villaggio neolitico di Murgia Timone

Park of the Murgia

3 h • Walking Tour

Immersed in nature a few steps from the city center.


Museums of Matera

3 h • Cultural Tour

Discover the places of culture and city history.

Ipogei di Piazza Vittorio Veneto

Tasting Matera

3 h • Tasting Tour

Getting to know the city and its cooking traditions.