4 May 2012

About me

Hi everybody!

My name is Luigi Mazzoccoli and am a tour guide from Matera. I’ve always loved to travel, physically and by my mind and I have a great passion for my homeland, Lucania, and especially for my hometown, Matera. Fueled by my innate curiosity and desire to communicate, that have always guided me in my profession as  tour operator.

Matera Guided Tours for everybody

It is therefore a pleasure to me to offer my skills and knowledge to anyone who wants to discover my town (single, couples, families or groups) trough my Matera Guided Tours in English or Italian: predefined or customized proposals to live the sensational beauties of this territory, giving you this way the chance to taste the best of our excellence and really live the experience of unique places for the charm and ancient history.

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Luigi Mazzoccoli, tour guide of Basilicata