They talk about you…

Before tour guide was my full day job,  I practiced journalism for years. They are two professions that have so much in common: in the first case we write, in the other we speak but the goal is the same, to communicate. And the fuel that feeds them is the same: passion. And let’s say Read more about They talk about you…[…]

Little tourists grow up…

I often give tours to families with small children, sometimes even just a few months old. In those cases my work becomes more complicated and more challenging to: it is not easy to keep the attention for several hours or at least keep the liveliness of the little ones. I have to say, however, that Read more about Little tourists grow up…[…]

See you in Matera sooner or later…

My beautiful profession let  me accompany every day travellers from all over the world to discover the extraordinary beauty of my land. But I myself am a traveler. Who said that leaving is a bit ‘to die? Instead it is reborn every time: travel is passion, travel is life. And I try to do it Read more about See you in Matera sooner or later…[…]

Lights, sounds, colors … the magic of Christmas in Matera

My childhood memories have faded by now. But in my heart the emotion is still alive. That use to be a big event in the Event: the magical atmosphere of Christmas sublimated from the Living Nativity in the Sassi. That returned to relive at least for one day. In the late ’70s in fact, they Read more about Lights, sounds, colors … the magic of Christmas in Matera[…]

Around the world in a month? In October in Matera you can

When I was a child I was kidnapped, like many kids, from the pages of Around the World in 80 Days by Jules Verne. Then, when I was older, many times I sang and danced to the exicitng notes of Sweet dreams by Eurythmics “… I travel the world and the seven seas, evreybody is Read more about Around the world in a month? In October in Matera you can[…]