They made a movie about that, among the many filmed in that  amazing natural scenery in the past 60 years. “The Nativity Story” was filmed there in 2006 by Catherine Hardwicke to tell the Advent just as it’s described in the Gospels. Nothing better for the American director than Matera, with its monumental natural “crib”, the Sassi. Who in their long history have always been animated by shepherds with their sheep, artisans at work in their workshops, housewives and washerwomen at work. All unexpectedly disappeared with the end of the peasant civilization after the displacement in the 50’s from the Ancients Quarters to the new districts.

A scene from de Living Crib of the 80's

A scene from de Living Crib of the 80’s

But already twenty years later there was who believed in the need to give them back life in order to offer to the world the irresistible charm of a unique place: Enrico Annecchino had founded in 1974 the Gruppo Teatro Matera that a few years later opened to public the  cave-house of Vico Solitario – now one the things you can’t miss during a tour of Matera – and especially realized the idea of ​​the beautiful Nativity made of real men. In all senses. Yes, because all the people involved put great effort, passion and humanity. And basically they represented themselves, what Matera used to be a few years before.

But then the 80’s wiped out those values. And also the Living Crib in the Sassi. Annecchino wanted to try again in recent years, but nobody gave him credit nor moral and material support. But now the time has come and 2019 is near. And who knows, maybe as early as next year the Crib in Matera will live again …

For now we relive those emotions in this video.

Merry Christmas from Matera!