Sometimes it happens that the guide is….guided! By his curiosity, the desire to know, to travel. Last stop in Sicily,Palermo. Beautiful city, full of history and humanity. And Anita Bestler that knows perfectly that history and is full of humanity.

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Palermo, July 20013: us with Anita

I had contacted her searching on the Net and she made herself available immediately: we spent a great afternoon with her. And she immediately wiped out the natural suspicion that arises in respect of a colleague: a tourist guide who requires a guided tour is like a doctor who asks for a treatment, a lawyer who needs to be defended a thief …whose home is robbed! But Anita is not only an excellent professional but also a wonderful person: passionate, nice and generous. Typically Sicilian, although she is German. Born in a small town in Bavaria, not far from Monaco, he graduated in sociology and psychology and after specialization arrived to Sicily to further his studies of the Mediterranean culture. She didn’t leave anymore. Cause in Palermo she met love: “My Franco,” she calls him, openly expressing all her love for this man whose life was marked forever by a family tragedy. His father in fact, the police sergeant Lenin Mancuso, was killed in an ambush of the Mafia in September 1979 along with the judge Cesare Terranova. The Mafia is a culture of evil and bad, that you can only win with the culture of the good and the beautiful. And Anita is a beautiful person, who spends his little free time for social activities that involve children of the popular districts ofPalermo, just to save them from the evil and to educate them to well.

In short, not just a tour, but a journey into a reality I would like it was every day and all over the world. People like Anita show us that it is possible. And this is also the beauty of travel: learn live stories usually suffocated between the vacuous speaches of politicians on Tv and people relegated instead to the absolute anonymity …

If the Bermuda Triangle evokes thoughts of death, from now on my personal geometry allows me to design a space that pulsates life …Matera/Palermo/Monaco of Bavaria: the Triangle …of guides!