When you see Matera with the eyes of heart

At the first telephone contact it had seemed one of the many requests for availability that I receive daily. “Some friends who had you as a guide arecommended us to call you, we would like to have you as a guide in Matera for a full day. We are 3 friends from different cities of Read more about When you see Matera with the eyes of heart[…]

Little tourists grow up…

I often give tours to families with small children, sometimes even just a few months old. In those cases my work becomes more complicated and more challenging to: it is not easy to keep the attention for several hours or at least keep the liveliness of the little ones. I have to say, however, that Read more about Little tourists grow up…[…]

Matera – Munich of Bavaria, guided roundtrip.

There must be an invisible thread that connects Matera to Munich of Bavaria. And the guides of the two cities. Do you remember the story of Anita Bestler, known three years ago on vacation with my family in Sicily? We wanted to visit Palermo, a quick search on the Net and I find her contact Read more about Matera – Munich of Bavaria, guided roundtrip.[…]