Matera – Munich of Bavaria, guided roundtrip.

There must be an invisible thread that connects Matera to Munich of Bavaria. And the guides of the two cities. Do you remember the story of Anita Bestler, known three years ago on vacation with my family in Sicily? We wanted to visit Palermo, a quick search on the Net and I find her contact enriched with fantastic reviews. She is German, right from Munich of Bavaria, but has long lived in the Sicilian capital where she married Franco, son of a policeman killed by the Mafia in the 70s.

With her, we spend a wonderful day and since then we have remained in contact becoming good friends. I can not wait to see her again, I hope that soon she and Franco accept my invitation to come and visit Matera.

I’ve instead already seen again Astrid, her too from Munich of Bavaria and tour guide, known here in Matera where she was on vacation with her husband a couple of years ago. They contact me for a guided tour and spontaneously a nice feeling between us was born. Eventually hugs and kisses, with invitation from her to Monaco to guide me in turn around her city and promise on my part to go there soon.

Astrid and I at Marienplatz

Astrid and I at Marienplatz

And I did it, as I usually do! I have already told you the intense two days in Siena in the summer two years ago – guests of a family that I had guided around Matera – with a privileged visit to the museum of contrada (the Oca) and a delicious lunch at their home. Only a few months had passed since I met them! For Monaco instead I had to wait a bit more. But it was even more beautiful embrace Astrid few weeks ago when she came and pick us up at the hotel to take us around to discover her beautiful city! That together with her will remain in our hearts forever: the people of Munich are really nice, cheerful, welcoming … now I understand why they call them “the terroni of Germany”!

Nel centro di Monaco con Astrid e la mai famiglia

Nel centro di Monaco con Astrid e la mai famiglia

And guys, that evening spent in the oldest brewery in Europe: the tipycal double pint accompanying the delicious pork shank with the soundtrack of a traditional Bavarian band playing live … a priceless experience!

Thanks again Astrid and … auf Wiedersehen Munchen!

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