10 February 2013

Park of the Murgia

History, nature and art

The slow and steady flow of the river at the bottom of the canyon, the shrill voice of the small falcons, the bright colors and pastel at the same time of a rich flora (about a thousand typical species), the intense fragrance of thyme and mint, imposing silhouettes of the cows Istrian Ox: all this, and more, is the Park of the Murgia and what you will experience doing this Matera guided tour.

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Chiesa rupestre di Cristo la Selva

Monastero rupestre di Cristo la Selva (Parco della Murgia)

Rock churches, Neolithic villages and ancient farms

The Archaeological, historic and natural Park of rock churches in Matera (usually called Parco of the Murgia) is a treasure trove of unique and inexhaustible charm.

Places full of history and culture, the age-old man who has always lived in this territory in perfect harmony with nature. Since prehistoric times here then the caves, Neolithic entrenched villages, a hundred rock churches, the pastoral jazzi and ancient farms.

An incredible heave n on earthfor anyone who loves nature, history, art and traditions.


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