10 February 2013

Museums of Matera

The art from the stone age to the present day

An exceptional continuity of human presence from its origins to the present day. Evidenced by traces left not only in the urban structure of Matera and his territory, but also by a remarkable artistic production come down to us through the centuries and millennia. Traces preserved in two important museums of the city of Sassi, milestones of all Matera guided tours.

A guide recommended not only to lovers of art and history, but to anyone who wants to immerse themselves in the millennial history of this city.

A fascinating journey from prehistoric art to Ancient Greece, from cave painting to the Renaissance up to the twentieth century.

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Scheletro umano dell'Età del Bronzo (IV mill a.c.) / Human skeleton of Bronze Age (IV mill. b.c.)

Human skeleton of Bronze Age - IV mill. b.c. (Mueso Ridola)

National Archeological Museum "Domenico Ridola"

The National Archaeological Museum "Domenico Ridola", entitled to the great Matera's archaeologist, is the most ancient museum in Basilicata and is based at the premises of the former eighteenth-century monastery of Santa Chiara since 1911.

National Museum of Modern and Medieval Art at Palazzo Lanfranchi

The National Museum of Modern and Medieval Art of Basilicata is based at Palazzo Lanfranchi, named after the bishop of Matera Archbishop Lanfranchi who in the second half of the ‘600 wanted to build that building to house a seminary.

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