We met two years ago. And not by chance. We got in touch thanks to a mutual friend and immediately established a perfect harmony that slowly turned into true friendship. Enrico Caracciolo is a prominent journalist and photographer who writes for several magazines of national and international tourism, from Itinerari e Luoghi to the guidebooks of Touring Club Italia, from Tuttoturismo to Latitudes and many more. His surname suggests clearly the Neapolitan origin. He has lived for years in Tuscany but actually is a descendant of the family Caracciolo of Brienza, Neapolitan noble house with Lucan origin that has spanned the history of Italy last millennium.

But the nobility of Enrico is especially the soul one: despite of his extraordinary curriculum, he is a simple, humble, generous and pleasant person. It was easy, therefore, to work with him and his friend and colleague Stefano Raso to make Viatoribus, a new and original project for promoting tourism, to visit Matera and enjoy its best. That soon will know further developments and maybe will be followed by other interesting initiatives.

Enrico and I are always available to each other. And so it only took a message on Facebook: “My friend, would you send me some photos of  Matera?”. Within 24 hours I already get them in me email box, you can already see some of them sliding in the homepage of this website. I’ve seen thousands of photos over the years, but I admit that I had never moved like this so far: Enrico Caracciolo is really an artist, and his shots are masterpieces. Because he is in love with Matera and gaze it trough the eyes of the heart. That he put beyond the lens.

Let’s enjoy them together.