My childhood memories have faded by now. But in my heart the emotion is still alive. That use to be a big event in the Event: the magical atmosphere of Christmas sublimated from the Living Nativity in the Sassi. That returned to relive at least for one day. In the late ’70s in fact, they were still in complete neglect and decay. But already then there were those who believed in the need to give them life in order to offer the world the irresistible charm of a unique place with an ancient history: the Group Theatre Matera, that realized the marvelous idea of the Nativity made of real men. In all senses. Yes, because all the people involved put great commitment, passion and humanity, without asking anything in return.

A scene from the Living Nativity of the 80's

A scene from the Living Nativity of the 80’s

The 80’s then wiped out all those values. And also the Living Nativity in the Sassi. But finally it returns this year to make even more magical the atmosphere of a place that even in the Christmas time will welcome tourists from all over the world visiting Matera. Dies Natalis will in fact be the main event of the billboard sponsored by the city hall of Matera with the involvement of many local associations: the representation of the Nativity (17,18, 23, 26 and 30 December, 5, 6 and 7 January) will grow into a fascinating journey through the most scenic locations of the Sassi, with living pictures made by 150 participants, sacred background music, installations and narrator. S.Silvestro night to the rhythm of rock instead, with the great concert of Dire Straits Legacy in Piazza Vittorio Veneto: the historic English band, which met again recently, present its greatest hits of the 80 ‘and 90’.


And throughout the Christmas season, until Epiphany, every day the Sassi, the historic center and the peripheral districts will be animated by theater, sacred music, gospel and jazz, exhibitions and craft, solidarity initiatives, the inevitable gastronomic events, entertainment for the kids with videopanting and dJ sets and of course fun for children (but also adults) with the Christmas Village and its skating rink.

Christmas is even more magical in Matera!


Here is the complete program with all the information.